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Fun in marriage is the spice of life.

Too often couples drift apart simply because they stop taking time to have fun together. While it’s true that life gets busy, it’s also true that you can choose to carve out time to prioritize playfulness and memory making.

We've created this resource, to help you cultivate more fun and friendship in your marriage! When you do, you’ll discover the power it can have in building a stronger relationship.

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You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn values driven, evidence-based, principles and practices, to help you build quality relationships, in all areas of your life (beginning with marriage and family and also extending to your communities and workplace).
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Putting it simply, we’re here to help you connect, thrive, and create in the most meaningful ways.
Through our I Thrive at Life Podcast, YouTube channel, blog posts, and online courses, we, along with our expert guests, authors, and coaches will share transformational tools and strategies to help you truly thrive at life.
I Thrive at Life is about REAL life, lived in the most fulfilling way. It’s about finding meaning in life, conquering challenges, building resilience, developing strengths, cultivating gratitude and optimism, savoring life’s simple pleasures, nurturing relationships, uplifting others and pursuing happiness, health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.
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